Sustainable and Safe Travel Tips for Ecotourism in 2023

Photo Credit: Nachelle Nocom via Unsplash

PlanetX  is the marketplace that puts people and the planet first. And caring for the planet includes all aspects of our lives, including traveling. Here we give you some tips on traveling the eco-friendly way.

What is ecotourism?

So glad you asked! Eco-tourism is sustainable travel. It’s travel that emphasizes the well-being of local communities and commits to the conservation of natural resources. It takes into account fair labor and fair trade practices, and businesses that have a positive impact on the local environment. 

Preserving the environment isn’t just necessary when we’re at home. It’s also necessary when we travel. 

Where is ecotourism?

It’s here, it’s there, it’s everywhere! The destinations most well-known for their commitment to ecotourism are Belize, Costa Rica, and The Galapagos Islands, but just ask Google, ChatGPT, or an old-fashioned human friend, and you’ll find the perfect eco-friendly holiday location.

When we travel to other countries and spaces, we need to do our best to leave no marks.

5 tips on how to travel the eco-friendly way

When we travel to other countries and spaces, we need to do our best to leave no marks.

Reducing our carbon footprint while traveling takes a mindset shift, but it’s not hard. Here are the best ways to start:

1. Choose your transportation wisely

Carpooling, taking the bus, or riding the rails on a train are the best eco-friendly choices. When you have to fly, look into purchasing carbon offsets to      balance out your emissions. If you need an environmentally-friendly charger while you’re on the go, Goal Zero has portable chargers powered by the sun.

2. Choose eco-friendly accommodations

Hotels and guest houses that prioritize sustainability should be your first choice. Also look for stays with solar power, water conservation practices, and      energy-efficient appliances. 

3. Choose local businesses:

When you go on a trip, it’s good practice to eat (think eco-friendly espresso), shop (think sustainable sunglasses), and adventure (think small businesses      over giants) locally. Markets and restaurants that are locally owned are often the most eco-friendly options. Also, opt for community-based ecotourism      activities, usually run by locals. Airbnb offers many! Doing this will help keep tourism money in the pockets of local business owners. 

4. Choose responsible wildlife tourism:

There are too many unethical animal exploitation exhibits out there. Make sure the ones you choose are ethical and not harming animals or the environment. For starters, here’s a list of cruelty-free safaris.

5. Choose reusable items and pack light:

Bring your reusable water bottles and shopping bags, as well as  your own washable utensils. Patagonia has eco-friendly luggage that’s made from      recycled materials. Make it a game to travel as zero-waste as possible.

PlanetX believes that the Earth’s natural beauty needs to be preserved. And not just in our own backyards, but also abroad. 

Photo Credit: Mads Thomsen via Pexels

A lot of folks have no control over the industries and companies that choose to do business in their countries.

If we travel to their spaces to be entertained, we should do our best to make it better for the locals, not worse.

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