Sustainable, Eco-Friendly, Cruelty-Free Organic Fashion Is Possible in 2023

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Whether it’s a new outfit for work or date night, back-to-school threads for the kids, or summer clothes for everyone to romp in, there are ethical questions to be answered when we you buy new clothing.

Do we spend more time and energy researching brands so that we know the products we want were made sustainably, and the folks who made them were paid fairly… and give up halfway through, tired and bored from all the researching? Or do we spend less time and money and buy fast fashion that ends up as part of the 9.2 million tons of textile waste per year… and feel like part of the problem?

Is the T-shirt I want to buy organic and cruelty-free? Is it manufactured by a company that contributes to the 20% of global wastewater the fashion industry produces? Is there a way to not spend extra time and energy researching every single brand and item my family and I like?

So many questions. We have at least one answer: PlanetX.

At PlanetX, we’re dedicated to getting you the information you need to live a life with less impact on the environment. For the planet as a whole, for all of us as consumers, AND for the workers who create what we consume. We take the time and do the research so that consumers like you can make conscious and informed decisions about the products you buy and the brands you buy from.

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Becoming aware of the impact of our choices is our collective responsibility.

A growing number of fashion brands are dedicated to ethical production methods in order to create long-lasting garments that are full of style and easy on the planet. They’re using sustainable materials, such as:

  • Organic cotton, grown without harmful chemicals and pesticides
  • Tencel lyocell, a textile made with minimal waste and water usage because it’s created from sustainably sourced wood pulp using a closed-loop production process
  • Hemp, an unconventional, low-impact, fast-growing crop requiring minimal water and pesticides
  • Recycled fibers

Best sustainable fashion brands

Here are some brands that are doing this well:


With a long-standing commitment to eco-friendly materials and supply chain transparency, Patagonia is a front-runner in sustainable fashion. Social and environmental responsibility are part of their mission. They have a repair program that extends the life of their merchandise and they use eco-friendly textiles, such as recycled polyester and organic cotton. Patagonia also encourages recycling and reselling of their products.

People Tree

Committed to fair wages and safe working conditions, People Tree works  closely with farmers and artisans in developing countries. They use eco-friendly printing techniques, organic cotton, Tencel lyocell, and other eco-friendly materials to create sustainable yet stylish garments with low-impact dyes.

Eileen Fisher

Need a fair-trade women’s fashion brand that’s committed to fair labor practices, uses recycled fibers and organic cotton, AND has timeless design and simplicity? Eileen Fisher is a great option. They also have a take-back program that encourages customers to return used items for resale or recycling.


Also using organic cotton, Tencel lyocell, and recycled fibers, Reformation is trendy AND sustainable. They strive to minimize water usage, carbon emissions, and textile waste. This keeps their environmental footprint small. And like several others, they offer a clothing recycling program.


Tentree not only uses sustainable materials like those mentioned above to make their fair-trade merchandise, but they also plant 10 trees for every product purchased. They also offset their carbon emissions by using environmentally friendly packaging and other sustainable practices.

Making better choices is an important step to become an ethical consumer. Searching “ethical boxers” in Google takes a minute, but it’s worth it.

But you don’t have to figure it out alone. With PlanetX, all of your choices are in one place, ranked with easy-to-read scores from 1 to 100. 

We dig, you shop.

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